Welcome To Chittra Unnayan Kendra

Posted by: | Posted on: October 15, 2014

Ours is a developing country. This south western region of Bangladesh is totally backward. Narail is a very small neglected district. Situated in the middle south west area of Bangladesh. The little river Chittra flows to the south west of the district. Its population is about 1 million and area is 990.23 sqm. Agriculture is the only source of our income. The poor neglected people are falling day by day towards the brink of destruction and all the means of human development are going to be blocked. We are always leading this beautiful country quite unfit for human habitation. Some of our conscious workers for development assemble together with a view to raising our voice against all sorts of irregular and illegal activities and take decisions unanimously to the some workers for the development of humanity and prosperity. We took a decision to build a self service organization on the 1st January 1991.We decided unanimously to make an organization the of which be given “Chittra Unnayan Kendra“. Since then we have been working in human development for in this area. In fine this organization Chittra achieved registration from the office of the social service department & the NGO affairs bureau & Zubo adidoptor under Bangladesh Government.

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